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Epiphen Tablets For Dogs

60mg tablets
What is Epiphen?

Epiphen is an anti seizure medication used to control epilepsy. The active ingredient in Epiphen is phenobarbitone which is from the barbiturate class of drugs. Epiphen is manufactured by Vetoquinol UK Ltd and comes in tablets of two sizes; 30mg and 60mg in pots of 1000 tablets. Epiphen is also available as a solution for accurate dosing of small animals. Epiphen is given orally and the daily dose is usually divided and given twice daily.
What is Epiphen used for?

Epiphen is used to control seizures which are due to epilepsy. There are many other causes of seizures and in these cases Epiphen is less effective and it is better to find and treat the underlying cause. Epiphen contains the active ingredient phenobarbitone which is a barbiturate and this acts as an anticonvulsant by making the brain less excitable and therefore less likely to seizure. Epiphen will control seizures but not cure the problem completely. Epiphen can be combined with other anti epileptic medication in severe cases. Treatment with Epiphen to control seizures is usually lifelong.
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Epiphen Tips
• It should be used exactly as prescribed by your vet
• It is given twice daily
• It is given orally and can be given with food
• You should keep a record of your pet’s seizure activity to help with monitoring
• If you suspect any side effects then contact your vet for advice
• If you think your pet has had an overdose, call your vet immediately
• It can take two weeks to reach therapeutic levels in the system
• The tablets should not be split
• Store tablets below 25oC and out of reach of children
Epiphen is a POM-V Schedule 3 Controlled Drug
• Written prescriptions for epiphen are Non Repeatable
• Written prescriptions for epiphen must be dispensed no later than 28 days from the date on the prescription
• Epiphen must be sent by recorded delivery
Epiphen Side effects
• It can have side effects including increased thirst, hunger and urination
• These side effects are often temporary and resolved if treatment continues
• It should not be used in pregnant or lactating animals
• It should be used cautiously in patients with liver disease
• It can cause liver disease at excessively high doses
• It may have a sedative effect at high doses
• If you suspect side effects from It then contact your vet for advice
• If it is stopped, it should be done gradually to avoid an increase in seizures
• It can interact with other drugs so let your vet know about any other medication your pet is taking
• Overdose may compromise blood pressure, respiration and heart rate
• If you suspect an overdose then contact your vet as soon as possible

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Dosage and Administration
• There is a dose range so it can be altered according to response
• It is available as 30mg and 60mg tablets as well as a liquid solution
• The tablets are small, round and white and cannot be split
• It is given orally twice daily
• The exact dose will be calculated by your vet
• Levels of phenobarbitone in the blood need to be monitored regularly
• The dose can be increased if seizures aren’t controlled
• It can be combined with other anti seizure medication in severe cases
• The initial dose is based on weight so weigh your pet regularly
• It can take 1-2 weeks to take effect
• Epiphen 30mg and 60mg Tablets and 40mg/ml Solution are a POM-V (prescription only medicine - veterinarian) therefore it is only available on prescription from your vet
• Dogs must be under the care of the prescribing veterinary surgeon and must therefore have been seen sufficiently recently by your vet in order for him/her to prescribe.
• Dog owners may purchase directly from the prescribing vet or they may request a written prescription that can be dispensed by a third party
• Vets cannot refuse to supply a written prescription for if requested though they are entitled to charge a reasonable fee for doing so
• Since the majority of dogs are being treated for a longterm conditions such as congestive heart failure they will require Medication for the rest of their life
• You may purchase legally from an online supplier such as
• Medication we supply is exactly the same as the Medication you would purchase from your vet though typically 40-60% cheaper
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Epiphen tablets and Epiphen Solution are prescription only medicines (POM-V) that can only be supplied by on receipt of a written prescription from a veterinary surgeon. For a veterinary surgeon to issue a written prescription for your pet it must be under his/her care

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